About us

"The horse knows if you know - he also knows if you don't"

Effortless Equestrian Style 

Practical fashion forward riding apparel. Imperial COLT specialise in clothing designed to be worn as casual everyday wear or yard everyday wear, perfect for the everyday equestrian


The idea behind the Imperial COLT brand  was to make life easier for all equestrians.  We change several times a day - in a stable, car, tack room or wherever possible!  Ready to get to our next call of duty, whether that's an appointment, work, college, uni, friends, kids or just general life!  That's the reason I spend time researching clothing and designs that would appeal those who have to split their time so regularly and without access to an instant walk-in wardrobe! So, this is for us to bridge the gap between yard-wear and everyday wear.


Founded by Sophie Warwick-Poulter who has been addicted to all things horsey since she can remember. She is determined to change the equestrian fashion industry one t-shirt at a time!

Imperial COLT is an exciting start-up brand and we hope you will enjoy the ranges, for both women and men. They are functional enough to work around the yard but on-trend enough to actually be seen by 'normal' people! Other than that faint horsey aroma and of course our iconic logo, no one will ever know but let's face it we can't keep away from horsey things completely now, can we?


Please contact us at Imperial COLT with any comments or feedback.

Email at sales@imperialcolt.com