So, April hasn’t been the most fun month either. This time both horses decided they would sync up on vet visits! Marmite was on three legs, Woody wasn’t sound & all his muscle had shifted about. The muscle we worked so hard on putting on his back end had shifted back to the front *rolls eyes*.

Luckily, Marmite seems to be just due to the dry weather & extremely hard ground. A new supplement for his hoof growth mixed with a little rain & he seems to be back to himself (PHEW). Next up, the big man himself. The week before my show, Woody was not sound. So, I rushed a farrier out to put all four shoes on him as he also seemed to be suffering with the ground. Woody has been barefoot the last 7 out of 8 years of owning him so it was safe to say he found his springs with his new shoes!

We ventured out to Sparsholt for a return to competing. Woody warmed up beautifully & rode a fantastic test.. however, the judge didn’t agree & we gained our lowest score to date 60%. I was extremely upset at this result, he didn’t deserve it, but thus that is dressage & inevitably what we sign up for. It made me want to work harder.

The week after the show, a huge lump appeared on Woody’s face where they had previously drilled & he began head shaking profusely. *Cue panic mode*. After one course of antibiotics & no improvement I took Woody straight into the vets. He underwent further x-rays, poking to check for an abscess & finally an ultrasound. The conclusion, the vets have never seen anything like it before. I am currently still monitoring it for fear if it grows it could be a cancerous tumour but at the moment the future looks good. The lump is the same size but has deflated a small amount so hopefully it’s just some connective tissue. We are treating his head shaking as we used to previously & he is coping much better, again I put this down to the weather conditions currently & high pollen count.

The vet visit occurred the week before we were due to attend Wellington Petplan Area Festivals first round & there was a lot of debating whether to pull out or not, but that’s for May’s blog. Check back the end of this month if you want to find out what has happened since……

The great part about April has been the exciting build up to Imperial Colt’s 2017 collection launch. I can’t thank them enough for being the best sponsors & constantly supporting me. They make sure that both Woody & I look super smart wherever we head out. The black ear bonnet has been a god send with the hot weather, we suffer quite badly with flies where Woody is based so it really helps to keep his concentration when training. Oh, and they look very smart too!

We also jumped 1m10.. we don’t do jumping just so people can appreciate…

I have also been able to model the racer back vests now too thanks to the weather change & have to admit they are a strong favourite of mine to school in.

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