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The Tailcoat Dream! - Amy's March Blog

The excitement of Spring was fresh in the air, anticipation of warmer weather, naked ponies and maybe even riding in one layer as opposed to ten. British weather had other plans! The start of March saw the Beast from the East and a heavy downpour of snow, unheard of in Hampshire! After one day of being trapped I managed to get to the yard to ride both horses and continue as normal, however due to the snow it meant a lack of turnout and an incredibly hot Zeta. In the meantime Woody had developed a new party trick that he couldn’t resist showing every couple of strides. We had figured out one single one time change. The first time he...

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Funding the Four Legged

I think its safe to say that we all know being ‘horsie’ is a costly venture. Although outsiders may say it’s our own fault, we all know that we can’t help it! Horses are engrained into us like some beautiful furry birthmark. I personally tend to get a constant barrage of… ‘Why don’t you just spend less on the horse? Do you really NEED those brand new eye wateringly expensive tendon boots?’ Well my friend the answer is absolutely yes! (Even though I have 4 pairs of tendons already and probably more lurking in the bottom of an old tack box, but that’s beside the point) We all tell ourselves I’ll sell the old ones, and maybe you do and...

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Malfunctioning Pilot - Amy's July Blog

When I left you last, everything was going in a great direction. Both the boys were feeling & looking extremely well. The training with Woody had been going so well I decided to do a late entry to the Sparsholt Festival of Dressage. The Friday night, after work, I managed to squeeze in some training with Denise. The session went incredibly well, running through the test & focusing on our weak areas. Small hints & tips really helped to focus me on the task in hand that Sunday. I had been suffering with ill health the weeks leading up to this, with what started as a regular cold soon developing into a chest infection & a potential worry of asthma....

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