So after a brilliant October, training going amazingly, part qualified for our freestyle & finishing on a fantastic lesson with Jezz... it all went a little sideways. That evening I started to feel a little unwell. November started with a nasty bout of tonsillitis for me, which meant no riding for a few days. It only got worse from there as I received a phone call from the yard informing me that Woody was rather lame coming in from the field with swollen tendons. I was extremely worried as in the 8 years of owning Woody, he has only ever been lame once (with multiple different injuries along the way). I knew something must be really wrong. I went to the yard all wrapped up and suffering to see an obviously lame Woody and waited for the vet. After vet inspection, he decided Woody had an abscess which I found weird as he had had an abscess before and never been lame. So, I decided to call my farrier out to have a look. The farrier had a dig about and found no abscess and actually, the cause of the pain for Woody was actually down to his conformation in his feet. Woody’s heels had become very cracked in the wet weather and bacteria had formed in the cracks to mean they had become very deep, with some form or infection brewing. So we now have a spray that has to be sprayed on every crack in his frogs after being in the field and after riding as a management routine for him. Woody was sound by the weekend but unfortunately not in time for our competition. This meant that with the close of qualifying on the 30th November, and my holiday planned on the 19th November, we sadly missed our opportunity to qualify for the freestyle. As disappointing as this was, I am a firm believer in fate and know that for whatever reason, we just weren’t meant to go.

Alongside this, I had many conversations with multiple different people and had made the tough decision to advertise my lovely two-year old Marmite. The second person that viewed him bought him and it was all down to a vetting. As I knew he would, he passed with flying colours and the vet even said he was the easiest two-year old he had ever had to vet and that his temperament was lovely. The day before my holiday, I loaded up my lovely boy and drove him to his new home with my lovely friend Prue in Canterbury. After the long three hour drive, I stopped for a cup of tea and saw where Marmite would reside. I knew he would have the best life; I am super excited for them and no longer felt sad.

The other exciting news for myself is that I have a new member joining the team when I arrive back from holiday on 2nd December. Zeta is a mare that I met through Jezz. She was bought to be a showjumper but was very scared of all the fillers and water trays, so her owner decided that life was not for her and she would be better suited to a life in the dressage arena.  The poor Zeta had a very awful start in life, so her owner Hayley decided she did not want her to ever be in that position again so only wanted to loan her. If everything goes well she will hopefully have a very long career with me and I am super excited.

I’ve been making the most of all my lovely Haider Hoodies, even making their appearance on the odd dog walk with the lovely Doug puppy in the New Forest. The last half of my November was spent in the very sunny Mexico, while Woody also enjoyed a little holiday himself! While away I ditched the hoody’s & made the most of all my super Imperial Colt vests and tees as they certainly hadn’t seen any sunshine in a VERY long time. Next month will also see the return of the very festive Olympia, so make sure you head over & see my wonderful sponsors on their stall. Can’t beat a bit of Christmas shopping!

I can’t wait to fill you all in next month


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