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The idea behind the Imperial Colt brand and ranges is to improve and update the everyday clothing of the average equestrian. We all lead hectic lives and face a constant balancing act of keeping everything in our normal lives running as best we can, alongside the added extra of our massive furry friends!  

This, therefore, means we have to make the most of every minute of every day and try to save time wherever we can - which can frequently mean getting changed in the strangest of places just so that when we venture out of the yard into the real world we aren’t greeted with looks to say “what on earth are they wearing?!”

This is where we feel Imperial Colt is different from other brands - its fashion forward, good quality and affordable, whilst also being practical enough to wear around the yard. Our aim is to bridge the gap from yard-wear to everyday-wear, and a clothing brand that can be worn either with jeans and trainers or jodhpurs and boots!




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