Amy's Rae Leggings Review

Imperial COLT Rae Leggings-

The highly anticipated Rae Leggings have finally launched & I can’t wait to share my views on this product. I was super excited to try these out when they first arrived. I am a typical dressage rider, slightly snobby in the fact I love my Pikeur breeches & don’t tend to wander much further than those for my bottom half riding attire.

I am pleased to report that I absolutely love them. I’ll start with the fit. I wear size small in these leggings and am a size 8-10, generally a size 10 as I like to be comfortable when I ride. These leggings fit true to size, with no muffin tops that you can get when leggings are a little on the tight side and especially when the waistband is elasticated. I am 5ft6 and they are ever so slightly long in the leg for me, but hey, we all tuck this bit in our boots plus with an elasicated ankle they fold up o fit any size, and more importantly, you don’t notice at all when you ride. This also makes them easy to tuck into socks and boots.

The level of comfort I got when I put these leggings on is unbelievable, with the material not only being soft and flattering but I can also feel just how breathable it is. The seams of the leggings sit so they don’t dig in and are designed in a way that is extremely flattering. There is nothing worse than taking your leggings, breeches or jodphurs off and still looking like you are wearing them.

The silicone full seat is a must for me personally whenever I buy bottoms. To get a seriously sticky and practical seat is tricky but Imperial Colt have mastered it. When I sat on a plastic chair, I had to peel myself off of it. While I was training I felt like I was totally one and pretty much glued to the saddle. The full seat gets a MASSIVE thumbs up from me.

The main point of these leggings is that they are so comfortable to train in. They are flexible, the material is breathable and they are super lightweight; they act like a second skin. Imperial Colt have really thought about the design of these leggings, following on with the whole idea behind the company of blending the line between equestrian clothing and the regular fashion industry. These leggings could easily double up as your gym wear and you certainly wouldn’t feel embarrassed heading straight from the yard to the shops to pick up your dinner.


Don’t hesitate and order yours NOW!


  • Amy

    Hi Paula,
    So glad to hear that you love the leggings too. The silicone seat really is something else isn’t it!
    Amy x

  • PAula BLackett

    Received my xs leggings, vest and jumper today, they all fir purfectly (I’m a size 6)
    Love love love them all.
    I’m a western rider, so I’m normally in jeans and cowboy boots.
    Wore my leggings today and used my bareback pad and wow my bum did not move!!


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