When I last left you guys, we were on the stressful build up to our Petplans. The week before the show we were at the vets testing the lump, so to even go to Wellington was a major achievement. My family met me at the venue, I got there in plenty of time & everything was in place. (Apart from forgetting my two gel pads meant to hold my saddle in place.. gaaaah). Woody warmed up absolutely beautifully, really calm & relaxed, we felt on great form. The test was much of the same, it was the first time I felt like I could really ride every stride & had total control & harmony. I could have cried, he was just so much fun to ride & we couldn't have tried any harder. Our changes were still hit & miss which let us down a little. One judge had us 2nd but unfortunately one of the other judges saw something completely opposite. We levelled out scores to clinch 6th place & qualified for the semi finals in September 😍 because of how tight the scores were we also managed to miss our prize giving! There's always one late to the party...

I have since taken woody to have lessons with Denise Hallion, having two incredible lessons so far. The difference within two weeks of training Denise's way she said we were like chalk & cheese. We also got the compliment of Woody looking like a Grand Prix horse cantering towards her his canter had improved that much. Honestly, amazing training sessions. We have even begun teaching passage & are improving our full pirouettes (as well as working on those blasted changes!)

We have also begun having regular pole work sessions. These pole work sessions are really helping develop woody's strength & fitness in his back, whilst increasing flexibility & reaction from his hocks. Woody naturally wants to move his hind end very straight so pole work really helps develop this action over time. Again he shows his adaptability, learning very quickly what he's supposed to do & trying very hard to not make mistakes a second time when he does get it wrong. I just love this horse.

May saw some beautiful weather & with that in mind we had my absolute top pick from Imperial COLT's 2017 collection. The women's xc vest! It is a serious must have & has been worn by me to every training session in this heat.

Next month I am heading down to Hickstead Derby to meet my wonderful sponsors & I can't wait!

Until next time x

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