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When I left you last, everything was going in a great direction. Both the boys were feeling & looking extremely well. The training with Woody had been going so well I decided to do a late entry to the Sparsholt Festival of Dressage. The Friday night, after work, I managed to squeeze in some training with Denise. The session went incredibly well, running through the test & focusing on our weak areas. Small hints & tips really helped to focus me on the task in hand that Sunday.

I had been suffering with ill health the weeks leading up to this, with what started as a regular cold soon developing into a chest infection & a potential worry of asthma. I was given an asthma pump & medication & told to rest up. That just isn’t me. The start of the week leading up to the show I could only manage two trot half passes in a row before not being able to breathe. *CUE PANIC*. I got lucky when I realised that this particular Advanced Medium test, you perform half of the trot work with the walk work falling the middle.. this was amazing as it gave me a chance to catch my breath before going again.

The show day soon sped round. Woody warmed up absolutely beautifully & I preserved as much energy as possible, my friend on hand with the pump should I need it. In the test, Woody really helped me out, staying with me completely, more off my leg than normal & not pulling me once. All of this really helped look after me when I was not 100% myself. All of the changes were on my aid & he didn’t launch one of them. Over all I could not have been happier with how he went. We got 64+%, which considering Woody had a useless pilot, was great!

Following this I went back to working hard with Woody at home. The rest of the month was relatively quiet with the focus being working on progress from home.

July, I was lucky enough to test out some more new & beautiful clothing from my wonderful sponsors, Imperial Colt. My favourite item sent this month would have to be the Women’s Asta Wide Neck Jumper. I love the design of the off the shoulder, wide neck as it adds a touch of style to your riding wardrobe while keeping up with current fashion trends. This item really helps blur the line between riding apparel & regular clothing. Not forgetting to mention the fact the material is unbelievably soft! They also read my mind & sent it in my favourite colour.. light blue!

August is already looking like it will shape up to be a much busier month…

Until next time.. x

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