November saw the departure of Marmite, with the excitement of knowing that the 2nd December would see the arrival of the new member of the team. Thanks to Jezz, I had been put in touch with the lovely Hayley Mossop who owns Zeta, also known as Elzela.  I was freshly landed from some much-needed down time in Mexico, it was safe to say I was like a kid at Christmas on my way to pick up Zeta. She loaded and travelled like an absolute dream. Zeta is 16hh Gelderlander (like Woody) who was only backed one and half years ago. She hadn’t had the best start in life and her owner had bought her to show jump. Zeta found show jumping completely terrifying, so Hayley decided it wasn’t fair to pursue this career with her, so Zeta spent around 6 months in a field not doing much. Hayley decided this was a complete waste with her beautiful movement, thus how we ended up in touch, so Zeta can pursue a career in dressage instead.

I let Zeta settle in while I schooled Woody and then I decided I would let her see the indoor arena. She was so well behaved we even had a little lunge. Day two saw me already up and in the saddle, with my friend Laura walking us round on the lunge. The next time I rode we took it a step further and walked on our own, albeit on the lunge still. Zeta was behaving like an absolute angel which meant the fourth ride saw us ride off on our own, walking and trotting. The following week saw us build on this with pretty speedy progression, riding on our own all the time, walking, trotting and cantering.

Being winter and hitting the ground running, meant of course I caught the dreaded lurgy! This saw a bit of a break in both Zeta and Woody’s training, in the weeks leading to Christmas. The final two weeks of December saw some more consistent work for Zeta, and each ride Zeta has been improving. She is much more settled in the indoor school, showing lovely moments of relaxed work that is building more and more. She is even starting to relax more outside. I am so excited about this super little mare, she is a complete dream to be around.

With the new addition, it is safe to say I have been extremely busy. Woody’s training has been going amazingly well and everything is pointing forward to a promising year! My final ride on Woody saw us working on our half pirouettes which have come along in leaps in bounds. We even finished with a perfect line of four-time changes and an almost perfect line of three-time changes (the last change blew Woody’s mind). I am ever hopeful that 2018 will see us out in our tail coat, my ultimate dream come true.

This year has been a rollercoaster year for us and Imperial Colt have been a part of it from the very beginning. I would love to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Imperial Colt for all their help and support this year, keeping the horses and I looking clean and fresh for every training session. The help we have received has made all the difference.

Happy New Year everyone, may 2018 be successful and filled with lots of Red Rosettes for you all x


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