A little update on life...

Things have been non stop here at imperial colt HQ. Its constant, a life of 2 horses, a dog, a full time job and a new business there just isn't enough hours in the day! Ive just retired my ex racer so at least thats one less furry friend that needs less exercising! Although life's not quite that same without having that partner in crime to gallop around the South Downs on, instead I now have a very well bread flashy showjumper thats afraid of life, and I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm the devil.... until you put her in front of a jump and she suddenly has a zest for life and balance is restored! Anyway enough of my sagas and back to business! We're hoping to launch some gorgeous brand new hoodies just in time for Christmas so do keep your eyes peeled for those and let us know of any winter colours you'd like to see! We're still offering 10% discount to first time buyers using code FIRSTORDER1. You'll be able to find details of any offers or promotions on our social media pages. So make sure your up to date and get following!

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